Enjoy my vacation in Bermuda with my best friend and family ♥

Departure from: Bayonne, New Jersey

Estimated Arrival: Wednesday, 8:30 a.m., Bermuda

So our family vacation was a success! We boarded Celebrity Summit, a very different cruise line that took some adjustment because we were so used to the Carnival cruise lines, but we survived! The two days out at sea were a bit of a drag, but I’m thankful my best friend joined me on the journey because it gave us a chance to bond and include my mother on the fun activities the ship had to offer (it was also her first time on a cruise).


Bermuda was such an incredible experience. We arrived on Wednesday morning and were scheduled to leave Friday afternoon, giving us plenty of time to explore the island. The first day we took a bus to Horseshoe Bay Beach, where I was able to play in the pink sand and soak up some of the sun. Jenn, my mother, and I ventured off to different areas of the beach, discovering caves and sharp cliffs. The greatest moment of that day was watching my mother climb a cliff and jump straight into the salty teal water. Never have I encountered my mother conquer a fear of hers (she was afraid of heights and anything that had to do with water, as she did not know how to swim very well). But as she jumped a second time from the cliff, I sat there, astonished at the fact that I was more chicken to jump from it than she was.


We walked back to shore to lie out and admire the ocean view. As I lay next to my mother, Jenn asked, “What has gotten into you? Never have I once imagined you jumping off a cliff! And yet you jumped off and it took Beatrice and I awhile to do it!” I agreed with Jenn and added that she was also afraid of many things, especially roller coasters (it’s the height issue). “After everything I’ve been through this past year with breast cancer, lumpectomy operation and radiation sessions, I’ve decided to conquer my fears. When I head back home, they need to find what the lump in my right breast is, so I figured what the hell- I might have to undergo another operation for it and my time is now, I want to do things I’ve never imagined myself doing,” my mother said.

She didn’t notice, but tears trickled down my face as she spoke, because it was at that moment where I was just SO PROUD of her! I was watching my mother rise from her own ashes, like a phoenix, and become such a courageous, fearless person. I had a feeling deep down that Nick Nikias, an old friend who passed away from cancer just a year ago, had something to do with this. Nikias was edging her on to jump off the cliff, to face her fears and guide her towards happiness. I truly thank Nikias for that.

The next two days we stayed close to the ship and shopped around for souvenirs and speak with the locals at Snorkel Bay beach. We experienced a beach party with Bermudians as well! Everyone was so friendly and so caring; the weather was perfect- I did not want to leave! After boarding the ship Friday afternoon, we watched the ship move away from Bermuda on the top deck. Here, we all took time to reflect on everything we accomplished throughout the week: we partook in zumba for a cause, where the proceeds went to The Breast Cancer Foundation, we danced each and every night at the club to the point where guests of the ship would recognize us and compliment us all on our dancing skills, we were even grateful to view a couple of Broadway shows the ship had scheduled for us.



Caribbean’s, I will be seeing you next summer ❤

With Love,

Beatrice Rivera



Color Me RU (a.k.a. The Color Run of Rutgers)

Last Friday I was able to cross off “The Color Run” experience from my bucket list. Rutgers University has taught me through this event that they truly do provide so much for their students, especially if you’re interested in getting involved. I figured it was time to start experiencing what the university offers me before I graduate. Looking back on this day, I knew this was something I knew I had to attend again- but with my family and friends.

We started off with registration, where we received vibrant shades to cover our eyes from the colored cornstarch and a neat bandana. Once registering, there was an open field for the students, families and friends that offered free refreshments (fried Oreos, ice cream and our very own KnightWagon- YUM!), a tie-dye station, live performances, inflatable obstacle courses, and a photo-booth to take pictures with our mascot, the Scarlet Knight. The run started shortly after where everyone lined up in a sea of white tee’s. There were volunteers along the way that motivated us to keep running as well as five different color stations (my favorite color stations had to be blue and purple)!


We started off in white and ended the run in so much color (and an after party)! As I ran, I saw so many contagious smiles on students faces and thought: This was the best way to end the semester. I had a tough transfer year at Rutgers and have not been doing my best because I had a difficult time adjusting (I’m going through transfer shock), but this has inspired me to start off the next semester doing great things. This was the first time the university created an event like this but I hope they continue it as I deem it a successful experience.


I am now registering a team for The Color Run in August with my friends and family. If you haven’t experienced this- you must do so as soon as possible! Especially if you want to experience a surrounding filled with nothing but positivity! If you’re interested for more information on The Color Run, go to http://www.thecolorrun.com and view the videos- they will convince you to attend, trust me!



Spring clean my room away

It took me awhile after moving all of my things from the apartment at Rutgers back into my own room at home, but I finally cleaned my room! I know I make it sound as if I’m a hoarder or I don’t clean very often, but I do. I am obsessed with reorganizing my room and dusting every Friday. I even like going through my closets to see if there is anything I can give away. This year, I’m able to give away a lot of things. After cleaning my room thoroughly and rearranging my furniture, I feel less cluttered and and more organized than ever before. As I went through so many of my old clothes, papers, and collectibles, nostalgia hit- trying to convince me to keep everything I was hesitant on letting go. But I cleared my thoughts and kept telling myself that LESS is MORE and that I no longer wished to keep things I grew out of (let’s just say I had enough in my room to create a small thrift shop, I know…sad). Besides, if I’m able to give these things away, others can benefit from it.

Now it’s time to pick out some paint and give my room a big girl personality!