Spring clean my room away

It took me awhile after moving all of my things from the apartment at Rutgers back into my own room at home, but I finally cleaned my room! I know I make it sound as if I’m a hoarder or I don’t clean very often, but I do. I am obsessed with reorganizing my room and dusting every Friday. I even like going through my closets to see if there is anything I can give away. This year, I’m able to give away a lot of things. After cleaning my room thoroughly and rearranging my furniture, I feel less cluttered and and more organized than ever before. As I went through so many of my old clothes, papers, and collectibles, nostalgia hit- trying to convince me to keep everything I was hesitant on letting go. But I cleared my thoughts and kept telling myself that LESS is MORE and that I no longer wished to keep things I grew out of (let’s just say I had enough in my room to create a small thrift shop, I know…sad). Besides, if I’m able to give these things away, others can benefit from it.

Now it’s time to pick out some paint and give my room a big girl personality!



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