Create a D-I-Y canvas

After much concentration on the canvas and my hair dryer being aimed at the crayons, I have finally completed my first project. I’ve seen this specific project on various social media sites and have decided to take it upon myself and figure out how to create my own. I’ve always thought they were pretty cool, so why not try it? I tried incorporating seashells that I collected from the Jersey shore, but some of them fell off. Apparently, the glue from the glue-gun I had used for the crayons and seashells did not mesh very well with the heat from the hair dryer. I plan on gluing the shells back on after I’ve painted them with a couple of unused crayons in a bit..

I’m really happy with the outcome of the project and cannot wait to hang it on my wall after I’ve completed painting my room. These resolutions are sure fulfilling, I’m pretty proud of myself for sticking to them this month and I’m feeling so accomplished with everything that I’ve completed so far. Yay!

The process after ten minutes: 


The finishing touches: